Sunday, 3 October 2010

Welcome, one and all!

Dear Friends

Welcome to this, a daring new venture for me, and I hope a source of diversion and interest for you. I have not attempted to join the blogosphere before; a mixture of pride, fear and good old-fashioned English reticence combining against me.

However, recent events have prompted a change of heart. You need to know more about me - no, honestly, you do - and consequently I have to find a way to getting myself out there. As it were.

This project will run alongside my Facebook presence; hopefully some of you will already know my activities therein, and anyone else is welcome join the throng. Hopefully, too, this blog will allow me to write on certain subjects at greater length than FB allows.

What will I be writing about? Well, rather unashamedly, about me! Or rather, the things that occupy, interest, define or divert me. There have been rather a lot of these things, down the long arches of the years, so let's cover a few of them here:
  • Work (both past and future)
  • Academic study
  • Family history
  • Acting (Kelvin Players and others)
  • My books
  • Radio drama and radio comedy
  • Friends
  • Shoes, ships, sealing wax, etc. and a variety of miscellanea
I will try and chop up these various topics as time goes by, so you get a different bit with each posting.

If all this sounds a trifle ambitious, I can't promise to post too regularly, because, you know - I have a life... but as often as I can.

I would also welcome your feedback, old friends and new critics alike, as to style, substance, anything you'd like to hear more of (or indeed less of). This is learning for me too, you know.

With that, I wish you all I wish myself (but only if I can have it first), and thanks for reading.



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  1. Look forward to reading it old thing. Stay classy!